Update January 2023

Following the Government announcement in late 2022, people who test positive for COVID-19 do not need to isolate. We ask parents or carers to be mindful that some people can remain infectious for up to 10 days. Although some students may not have symptoms and if they were to come to school while infected with COVID-19, they could infect other students or staff who are at high risk of severe illness.
CSBB is following the advice of NSW Health to support聽schools to adapt to this change while prioritising student and staff wellbeing by minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmissions.

Students and staff should continue to stay home when sick

Students, staff and visitors should only attend school when they are symptom-free. CSBB strongly encourage all students, staff and visitors to follow the guidance issued by NSW Health.聽Schools will continue to send home students or staff displaying symptoms.
Anyone who believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 is strongly recommended to monitor for symptoms and test if they have any concerns, as well as wear a mask.
While COVID-19 remains an unpredictable virus, NSW Health advises that it will continue to present a health risk to the community. Accordingly, schools will continue implementing baseline COVID-smart measures to help reduce the risk of transmission for students and staff members. These key COVID-smart measures include:
  • staying home and getting tested if unwell, and only attending school when symptom-free
  • rapid antigen testing for symptomatic students and staff. People exposed to COVID-19 should follow聽聽and test to identify infection early even if they are not experiencing any symptoms.
  • strongly encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations for students, staff and their families, including a booster shot (when eligible) and maintaining double dose vaccination requirements for staff who work in an SSP
  • good hygiene practices, including regular hand washing with soap and warm water and/or use of hand sanitiser
  • maintaining natural ventilation, with consideration of local environmental circumstances
  • wearing a mask for all staff and visitors when working with or visiting Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs), support units or schools with students who are at greater risk of serious illness should they contract COVID-19, particularly indoors and when physical distancing is not possible
  • assessing risk and applying appropriate safeguards across activities and events
In certain circumstances, CSBB may advise that additional COVID-smart measures be temporarily reintroduced at your school. The school Principal will work with the CSBB WHS Team and provide further details of any changes to COVID-smart measures at your school when required. These temporary measures may include:
  • ceasing large indoor gatherings
  • ceasing off-site and inter-school activities
  • cancelling or postponing overnight activities and excursions, including school camps
  • mandating mask-wearing for adults and high school students
  • limiting visitors to schools
  • separating cohorts of students
  • learning from home or remotely.


Remember:聽Staff and students should stay home if they are unwell. If COVID-19 symptoms occur, students should undertake a rapid antigen test (RAT).
  • If a student is unwell and has any聽, even the mildest of symptoms, they should always test for COVID-19.
  • If the test comes back negative for COVID-19, the student should still not return to school until either:
    • The student no longer has any symptoms, or
    • A medical certificate is provided to the school confirming that symptoms are explained by another diagnosis (such as hay fever)

For positive COVID-19 cases

If there is a positive case within a class, year or other grouping, students can continue to attend school in line with NSW Health advice.
If a student or staff member receives a positive RAT or PCR test, they should:
  • record the positive result; if a RAT was taken through the聽听辞谤听聽the parent or carer must add details of the school or when prompted.
  • notify the school of the positive RAT or PCR test result as soon as possible.
Negative results do not need to be reported to Service NSW or the school.
Schools are still to continue to inform the community when there is a positive case in the school and guide families based on NSW Health advice, including monitoring for symptoms.
COVID-19. An example message,聽The school has been notified of a positive COVID-19 case in year 6. Parents and carers are advised to monitor their children for cold/flu-like symptoms.
For more information, including COVID-19 guidelines and fact sheets, refer to聽.


COVID-19 vaccination is the best protection against severe illness and reduces the risk of spreading it to others.
We strongly recommend all eligible students (and their families) who are 5 years and older get vaccinated against COVID-19, including booster vaccinations as they become available to different groups.
While vaccination against COVID-19 will no longer be mandated for most employees, CSBB strongly encourages all staff to continue to keep their vaccination status聽, as determined by ATAGI, as a key form of protection for their own health and to keep their school community safe if school-based. The exception is for staff working at or visiting School for Specific Purposes (SSPs), who must be double vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine or hold a valid medical contraindication 鈥 this includes corporate and school staff.